About Diary of a SEO

So initially this book had a completely different name. It was do be called “Uncrawlable - The shocking story of one man's eternal struggle 
to become an SEO celebrity”.

I’d like to give some fancy, elaborate reasons as to why I decided to ditch that name. But I can’t.

One day when I was peeling potatoes (I was making mashed potato for dinner) the name “Diary of a SEO” popped into my head, and that’s where it stayed.

Uncrawlable the Book was due to be a physical book, in the sense that you could hold it in your small, frail hands. But Diary of a SEO will be different - it won’t be a physical book.

Here’s a brief glimpse into what you may expect by subscribing to the Diary of a SEO….

A tantalising look into one man's struggle to become an SEO celebrity

I'm not ashamed to admit I've struggled in my pursuit of becoming a global SEO celebrity, renown the world over for crafting stunning meta description tags, or honing my ability to write meaningful, impactful and world-changing content briefs. 

This memoir serves as a 100% unofficial, completely fictional  account of my daily struggles towards reaching the pinnacle of SEO celebrity status (which I believe is being given free access to SEMRush's Business Plan)  and deals with the pain and anguish of being somehow overlooked (again) for not being awarded "best SEO consultant" for a 10th year running by Search Engine Land. 

In this book you can expect drama, scandal, laughter and lots and lots of words, all lovingly written for your own pleasures.

If you are in the slightest bit interested in what I have to share with you then please subscribe. I won't be a scumbag spammer - not this time at least, I promise! 

Diary of a SEO - FAQ

I own an SEO SaaS business and am keen to ensure you include a positive story about us within your genre-bending book. Is this an option - do you allow sponsorship? 

Great question! Yes, I am definitely keen to involve other SaaS brands and businesses within the glittering SEO industry. You can find more details on my business sponsorship page. All proceeds from the book sale will go to a very worthy cause, the FCDC.

Don't you have anything better to do with your time?

Evidently not.

I once called you an insufferable bore and inferred that you couldn't rank a B2B tech firm for its own trademarked brand name. Please can you promise not to write a negative anecdote about me in your book? 


I'm a client of yours and I'm concerned that all these extracurricular activities will be interfering with your performance at work. Can you not write this book and focus on our SEO for a bit instead please?

This isn't really the place for that - I'll reach out to you on email shortly 🙏  

Greetings of the day Sir. I'm interested in purchasing a link on this site. I have a budget of $10. Please confirm your willingness to proceed with these negotiations. If you don't I will launch my negative SEO attack.

That sounds terrifying - yes I will happily give you a sitewide link.

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One man's struggle to become an SEO celebrity, as told in the form of a diary. Hence the name: Diary of a SEO.


I am an SEO specialist and I am here solely to promote my book Diary of a SEO: One man's struggle to become an SEO celebrity. Follow along the journey exclusively here.